Vigil for Brianna Ghey
Vigil for Brianna Ghey

Vigil for Brianna Ghey

Macclesfield Pride will be holding a Vigil for Brianna Ghey: Monday 20th of February, 7pm @ Sparrow Park (directions below)

The intention for this event is to hold a vigil for a member of our community and mourn together. There will be a few speakers who may read poetry or make speeches, but mostly this is a time for us to hold space and try to heal from the pain that Brianna’s murder has caused.

All are welcome, we ask only that you are respectful.

Bright coloured clothing suggested, but wear what makes you comfortable.

Individuals may bring candles if they feel so inclined, but they will not be provided on this occasion.

Sparrow Park is at the top of the 108 steps, tucked behind St Michael’s church yard. — in Macclesfield.

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  1. River Monks-Audyn

    Just wanted to say thank you for organising the vigil yesterday, it was so nice to have a space to come to mourn and grieve together, and see a community united in solidarity <3

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