MaccPride - Pride in Macclesfield
Meet the Committee

Meet the Committee

Paula Parkes – Secretary, Social Media, March Coordinator

I am mother to 3 fabulous children.  I have been involved with MaccPride since 2018 when my daughter co-founded it with her friend.  I am secretary for MaccPride, Social Media and Website, Parade-March co-ordinator and I am also part of the Stage Production Team.  I am a passionate ally and promote alI things LGBTQ+.  I have enjoyed going to Funny Girls in Blackpool since I was 18 years old and love anything glittery.

Serena Lavin – Volunteer Coordinator

Worked for the NHS (Mental Health) for 18 Years

Passionate about making sure everyone is included and feel like they are safe and belong in their community

My Pride Roles are Volunteer Coordinator and Committee MemberPlans For Pride, Creating a pride everyone can enjoy, Having load of fun. Raising awareness of the LBQTQ+ community

Rachel Wisson – Committee Member

I am a 23 year old bisexual girl.  My role for MaccPride is Committee Member

I enjoy walking my 2 dogs, listening to music, singing on Karaoke and cooking.

Emma Barton-Kenworthy – Committee Member

I am 46 years old. Married to my wife for 14 years.  My role for MaccPride is Committee Member and Stage Production Team.  I enjoy listening to music and being an entertainer.

Mikki Tiamo – Web Site

All my life I have struggled both with my gender identity and my sexuality, and after over a year of psychotherapy, that I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and body dysphoria and my journey to my true self began.

Since November of 2019, I have lived my life full time as a woman and have been undergoing gender reassignment treatment, so that my physical body can match my psyche.

Because on this journey, there is a lack of information available, fighting the medical profession and also legal processes involved,  I have become an advocate for transgender help and rights.

I publish articles on both on my own blog and other websites and publications.

More information can be found on my blog at :

Jenni Duggan – Safeguarding Lead

I’m Jen (she/her), I have been involved with MaccPride since the very beginning. I am currently part of the Committee within the charity. As a Committee member my role is Safeguarding Lead, I am responsible to ensure that all our members enjoy all activities and events we put on safely. I am also the person that would liaise with other agencies if a person was at risk of harm. I am always on hand to advise and guide any member of MaccPride. I have 20 years plus experience in working with young/vulnerable people within the community.
My hobbies are going to CrossFit where you will find me most days! I also enjoy a good chat and a coffee!!

Kyle Frost

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