Fringe Events 2023
Fringe Events 2023

Fringe Events 2023

Fringe events happening before and after the main event.

  • MaccPride Town Trail – 27 businesses participating.  3 Trail Cards –  Go to the venue, make a purchase but not essential then get the postcard signed. Chance to win hamper worth approx. £80.
    4th June – 15th July.
  • Art & Photography Exhibition.  Ropewalks, Newton Street.
    10th July – 14th July 12.00pm – 5.30pm
  • Sylva Fae Story Telling. Macclesfield Library. 11th July – 1.30pm.
    13th July – 10.00am
  • Shamrock Quiz – USA Theme.
    6th July – 7.30pm £1 entry.
  • Reflections of Pride with Clare Shaw.
    The Bate Hall.
    19th July – 7.30pm
  • Comedy Gayla by Nodding Dog.
    Red Willow.
    7th July – 7:30pm
  • Kayla our Pooch of Pride – won at the Picnic in the Park dog show held on 4th June. Posters will be around Macclesfield Town Centre. Collect sheets from MaccPride Hub and complete clues to locate Kayla in the shops.

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